MechIO is a platform-independent Java-based robotics control framework, licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.

If you want to use the development version of MechIO, you will need to add the sonatype repository to your pom.xml:

Our groupId is org.mechio, the release version is 1.0.1, and the development version is 1.0.2-SNAPSHOT

If this project looks familiar to you, it used to be known by a different name but was changed to better fit the scope and goals of the project.

What does MechIO provide?

Binaries and Sources
Basic API
Native Components (coming soon!)

MechIO is built on top of several leading Open-Source projects.
MechIO uses: Distributed image processing with Apache Avro and Apache Qpid - 2011-08-25

MechIO leverages more synergisms than you can shake a cornflower-blue stick at.

What more could you want?

MechIO is intended only for low-level robotics control with no support for high-level planning and awareness, nor does MechIO provide system-level features that are not directly related to robotics.
The focus of MechIO is kept narrow in an effort to prevent bloat and unkept overgrowth in the project.
What MechIO is NOT: However, MechIO is part of the GLUE-AI suite of open-source projects, and other components of GLUE-AI provide these capabilities: